Estufas de gas para Cocinas Industriales, Serie 900

Estufas de gas para Cocinas Industriales, Serie 900
Estufas de gas para Cocinas Industriales, Serie 900

Estufas de gas para COCINAS INDUSTRIALES, Serie 900

The evolution of the traditional cooker, medium-low power burners on a pressed top  ecause cooking takes place in highly specialized equipment. 

The traditional cooker, the most powerful in the market with lifetime guaranteed cast ron burners, deep trays and sturdy cast iron grills.
All the aspects of the EVOLUZIONE 900 line represent BERTO’S philosophy according to which only selected materials and careful construction can be used. Medium powered sealed burners fixed on an AISI 304  ressed working top, made from aluminium and brass alloys of 3, 3.6 and 3.8 kW, triple-crown, with flame diffuser and pan support grills of fireenamelled cast iron able to bear thermal and mechanical stresses.
Efficient control of the set temperature, thanks to proper taps with safety valve and thermocouple. Sides made entirely of stainless steel with a Scotch Brite finish. Head-to-head joint between equipment to eliminate cracks and possible infiltrations. Steel stainless feet that can be adjusted as much as 500 mm. Standard: equipped with nozzles for LPG and methane gas; Optional: electric ignition for open burners; doors for models with open compartment.



CEP - Catering Equipments Panama S.A.

Ofrecemos una gran variedad de productos capaces de satisfacer todas la exigencias en el área de la decoración de locales comerciales como Cafeterias, Restaurantes, Bares, Cocinas industriales, Pizzerías, Panaderías, Wine Bar y más.

Somos especialistas en decoración y planificamos y equipamos interiores comerciales con servicio Llave en mano con posibilidad de financiamiento en entidades bancarias, para que realice su proyecto.

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